Buy Adsense Account At Low Price

Ad networks are one of the best ways to monetize a website and Google Adsense is the best advertising agency. In this article i am going to share you new important tips.

  1. How to buy adsense account at low price (really cheap price)
  2. About Revenue Hits

Buying Adsense Account At Damn Cheap Price

I got my adsense account recently banned and by god’s gift i found buyadsenseaccountz team guys. They got me a new adsense account that is making me some good income every month. I thought my life of blogging is over when my adsense account banned, but these guys gave my life back 🙂

In case if you are very new to adsense you can signup to google adsense program from the link below:

Adsense Account Sign-Up

So guys if you want an adsense account at really cheap price you can contact them. I vouch for them as they do a really good adsense service.

Now what is RevenueHits?

RevenueHits is an advertising agency (best alternative to adsense) founded in 2008 and based in Israel. It has a good CPM which is as good as Google Adsense. It is considered as the best advertising program for some webmasters because it pays better than Google Adsense.

RevenueHits is really better than Google Adsense. It seems to be the best alternative to Google Adsense, I have friends who are webmasters who make double and even triple the money they were earning with Adsense.

In addition, RevenueHits is not too demanding to approve new accounts. I just wanted to do a small testing, so I created the ad unit that I had placed in my blog until my account is approved. And two days back i got a disapproval message from revenuehits. Our Advertisers prefer to run only English speaking websites only.”

This is the great weakness of RevenueHits and i think this is the only drawback. Pourtant, Outbrain, Taboola and all other alternatives to Google Adsense. Until RevenueHits begins accepting sites in French , you can still use Google Adsense to monetize your WebSite. If you do not have approved Google Adsense account, you have two options – you can buy a new adsense account or you can try one of the alternatives on this list .