London 2012 , we are introducing the main features of this Olympic sport.

General information Judo in London 2012

  • Stadium: Excel
  • Dates: Saturday 28 July to Friday 3 August
  • Medals: 14
  • Athletes: 386

Judo is a sport that evolved from Jujitsu, hand to hand combat practiced by the ancient samurai warriors, and today basically is to knock opponents to the ground and wait for his surrender.

Judo fights take place in a special carpet called “tatami” of 8 square meters in size. The struggles of Olympic judo delay 5 minutes and if a wrestler (judoka) manages to knock down the opponent to the ground with his shoulder, turn him on his back on the floor, or force him to surrender hitting the floor, accumulate immediately return a “ippon” the maximum score and win the fight. Otherwise, they can be accumulated score to knock down the opponent in different ways with different positions and shoulders.

If the result is then tied for 5 minutes, then the struggle enters a decisive where the first wrestler to accumulate a point wins stage.

Wrestlers judo in London 2012 will compete in categories according to their weight, which will have seven categories for men and 7 for women.

Olympic judo tournament will be single elimination format. You can follow all the news on our website judo news London 2012 .