Missing exactly 50 days before the start of the Olympic Games in 2012. On July 27, London will be the center of the world when carrying out the opening ceremony at the Olympic Stadium in London, a body that will be seen by more than a thousand million viewers worldwide .

In previous publications we do on this site, we informed that besides the lighting of the cauldron (the most emotional moment of the ceremony), the London 2012 organizers have prepared us a surprise that would leave us all speechless such participation Queen Elizabeth II in a video in which appoints James Bond knight and gives himself the mission to 007 inaugurating the Olympics, or the presence of world – famous band Coldplay at the closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games .

What we did not expect is that today, 50 days before the start of the Olympics, and 50 years since the launch of the first hit of the Beatles “Love Me Do”,  Paul McCartney will perform at the opening ceremony of London 2012 and will close the event inaugurator of the year ‘s biggest sports dispute.

Closing with a flourish

After months of rumors about the presence of the legendary musician at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, it was McCartney himself who confirmed their participation after an interview with the international chain British BBC news in that said he was keeping this novelty in secret.

The former Beatle said in the interview with BBC 5 Live that the ceremony, organized artistically by Danny Boyle (director of the Oscar – winning film “Slumdog Millionaire”), will be held in East London under the name “Isles of wonder “ (Isles of wonder) referring to all member countries of the United Kingdom and the play” the Tempest “by William Shakespeare trying to send a message about environmental awareness for the recovery of” a land poisoned by the industry ”

Constellation of Stars

The opening ceremony of London 2012 will be the presence of important figures in the world of music like Duran Duran, Snow Patrol, Paolo Nutini, Stereophonics and self Paul McCartney , while the closing ceremony (to be held on August 12) they will be on stage bands like Blur, New Order and the Specials , plus the outstanding contribution of Coldplay at the close of the Paralympics.

Who expressed upset with the organizers of the inaugurating event of this edition of the Olympics was Jimmy Paige, former guitarist for the legendary heavy metal band, Led Zeppelin, who told the British newspaper “The Telegraph” who said he was hurt by not He has been invited as an artist at the opening of London 2012. Recall that at the close of the 2008 Beijing Games, Paige played the song “Whole Lotta love” promoting London as the site of the next Olympics. The decision of the organizers that Paige does not participate in the ceremony, the artist said: “I feel upset because in Beijing put a lot of effort without even aid the Chinese organizers, who did not give us time to rehearse the song in a event so important. ”

Of one thing we can be sure, organizers of the opening ceremony of London 2012 were thinking about all the details that could be exploited in British culture. On a day like today, but 50 years ago the first hit of the Beatles, “Love Me Do” and just today was launched 50 days before the start of the Games, the organizers of the Olympics give us great news to sports fans and the world of music: Paul McCartney will perform at the opening ceremony of London 2012 .