In the context of the Olympic Games in participating countries around the world with different beliefs and cultures it has been determined that the players London 2012 beach volleyball may wear shorts instead of bikini in games.

No more mandatory bikini in beach volleyball

Olympic beach volleyball tournament will be held between July 28 and August 12 at a stadium located in a field next to Buckingham Palace parade. For the first time in the Olympics, it will allow women who feel uncomfortable with your body while exposing both parties can wear shorts up to 1.18 inches above the knee instead of the classic bikini. The decision was adopted by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) in order to respect different religious and cultural beliefs of the countries. There are cultures where women are not used to wearing skimpy clothes and may feel uncomfortable at being forced to wear a bikini. Beyond this outfit is distinctive beach volleyball is the idea that all are comfortable during the games and do not have to break their own beliefs or moral codes to play. The Olympics just try to unify the country and respect cultural diversity.

Miniskirt in boxing

However, this is not the only sport that has faced problems regarding women ‘s dress. Last year problems arose when the International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA) suggested that female boxers in miniskirts will use the Olympics as happened at the World Basketball Championship. It is worth mentioning that in boxing women often wear shorts which can sometimes make a little difficult to distinguish men and this is precisely the purpose of using miniskirts. No lack of complaints from some female boxers who flatly refuse to wear skirts at the Olympics. Katie Taylor, an Irish was three times world champion said: “I will not wear a miniskirt.I even wear miniskirts or when I go out at night, so definitely I will not wear a miniskirt in the ring. ” Lightweight champion UK, Natasha Jonas also gave his opinion on the matter: “I personally think it is more for aesthetics; nothing practical drift wear a skirt. The only ones who want to see women in skirts are men ”

Still, neither Katie nor any other athlete who opposes the use of miniskirts have to worry because the use of these is optional . As in the case of volleyball, the idea is to respect the different beliefs and be flexible in the use of clothing. Disputes of this kind are common in all areas and consider positive the fact that the diverse cultures, values and beliefs are respected as this is the very essence of the Olympic Games.