British military reported residents of apartments lindero building the Olympic Park in east London that will install a missile battery in its complex to defend the 2012 Games an airstrike .

The people of this private resort in the area of Bow Quarter, east London, received the news through a paper under the door, warning that a team of 10 soldiers would be stationed in the building (in which they reside 700 people) in the within the duration of the Olympic Games. This site is one of many within the capital where the army bases consider installing missiles to protect the Games of an airstrike, said the Minister of Defense.

Since World War II, this is the first time this caliber missiles are deposited in London, seriously alarm the residents of Bow Quarter, matches Victorian factory converted apartment building.”There was no consultation, no one knocked on our door. Only you wake up one morning and see that there is a pamphlet saying that they will put missiles on your roof, “said journalist Brian Whelan 28, a resident of the building. “They will be literally on top of me when I sleep, supposedly have to give us tranquility but honestly this puts us very anxious. Do not think anyone wants to live in a militarized building, obviously there are security problems in the Olympics but this is exaggerated, “said Whelan. “We are in a highly populated area, I can not imagine a situation where you could safely use high-speed missile in Torres Hamlet”.

“This announcement arouses great concern for both locals and the entire community , ” said Rushanara Ali, member of the parliamentary Labour Party, and representative of the area where the missiles would be installed for security in London 2012 .

Missiles, one security plans for 2012 Summer Olympics

This battery of missiles on London rooftop is one of the extraordinary measures that the inhabitants of the capital can expect during this sporting event, including road restrictions and security budget of one billion pounds.

Defense Secretary Phillip Hammond announced security plans in November, saying that Britain would follow the plans taken place at the last Olympic Games, where air missiles were placed in located one kilometer from the stadiums surfaces. He said he was elected to what it was before the water tower Bow Quarter complex for its “excellent view of the sky and the area surrounding the Olympic Park”. He also added that this was the only suitable area for the MAV system (High Velocity Missile).

These plans arise while authorities test the response of the police and other emergency services to several incidents. In another reminder of the threat facing the UK, police last week arrested four men in Luton, a town north of London, for attempt and complicity to commit acts of terrorism, including downloading digital files practical instructions on how to commit a terrorist attack, discussing methods, materials and targets as well as raise funds for these purposes.

On Thursday, the army placed another missile in Blackheath, near Greenwich, East London, like training in order to test military procedures before the Games. The terrorist threat level in the UK is in “substantial” (the third level of severity), degraded with respect to “severe” last year.